The Henry Street Volunteer House

The newly renovated Henry Street Volunteer House is located in Appalachia, VA, just miles from Ison Rock Ridge. The house serves as an affordable living space for short-term and long-term volunteers in Southwestern Virginia as well as to provide an example of sustainability for the region. It provides the ability for those who wish to volunteer in the area to actually live in the community, and therefore increases the volunteer potential for the region. Residents, who are generally members of the RReNEW Collective, operate collectively with community resources, intentional norm and rule setting, and frequent open communication.

Current house projects include increasing rain catchment, creation of terraced gardens on highly sloped yard, renovation of windows to high-efficiency models, planting native habitat landscaping, and designing an energy descent plan, to move the house towards total self sufficiency and energy independence.

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RReNEW Photos

			Rrenew Collective posted a photo:				Rrenew Collective posted a photo:				Rrenew Collective posted a photo:	Sitting on top of Black Mountain, looking out over Ison Rock Ridge, 9 Mile Spur, the town of Appalachia, and Stone Mountain there in the distance. That is Looney Ridge in the fore ground, topless, eroding, in the process of a slow decapitation			Rrenew Collective posted a photo:	Mountains in Wise County North of Norton.